Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Youth Cultural Celebration

So, I realized that I hadn't written much about working on the Youth Cultural Celebration and since this is my journal I decided I should put some things here so that I don't forget about it. When the announcement that a temple was being built in Twin Falls Pres. Hinkley announced that we would be having a cultural celebration put on by the youth of the church in conjunction with the temple open house and dedication. Many of those youth leaders would have a part in preparing the youth for the event whether it be singing or dancing, sewing costumes, or preparing the set. Our stake was responsible for learning the western swing, square dance, and a line dance. So we started working in March for the event, almost 6 months before it was to happen. There were times when I thought that we would never be ready for a performance of that magnitude. There were also times when I had to make myself go to practices when I was so tired of going. I think that a lot of youth had some of the same feelings as I did. We stuck it out together and man am I glad that I did. It tuned out to be an amazing experience and such a great performance. I will never ever forget watching some of these youth that began with two left feet learn how to dance. There faces were beaming as they shared their joy with our prophet, Pres. Monson. I will always have that moment with me when Pres. Monson entered the arena. It was such a special moment for all of us in attendance.

All of the youth dancers waiting to start the performance.

The Grand Finale.

Part of our stake.

The girls helping the boys look nice.

(I didn't get many pictures...I was running around way too much!!)

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karisa said...

I have heard amazing things about the YCC. I'm sure you'll not miss all of the practices though. It sure does sound like you've been busy.