Friday, August 8, 2008

Barnes Family Olympics

This year we had family Olympics to tie in with the Bejing Olympics. Ours were much different however......we had sack races, water balloon volleyball, egg throws, a crab walk race,and a tug-o-war. There were adult and kid events. We all participated. We even made a family flag and had opening and closing ceremonies. We definitely do some weird things at our reunions, but we never forget them...... and we all have stronger relationships with each other afterwards.
Our Family Flag

Wheelbarrow Race
They really do like each other.....
Waiting for our awards.

Potato Sack Races
Kyler watching the craziness....

Kelsie getting her medal.

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**nicke said...

that is so fun! i think that is the coolest thing for the kiddos. they can play hard and are able to make some super fun memories with their siblings, cousins, and parents... super fun!!!