Thursday, September 6, 2007

Kelsie's First Official Day of Kindergarten

Today Kamrin and I took Kelsie to school for her first day of Kindergarten. She is so excited and ready to learn!! She is very independent and I know that she will do well in school. She wasn't happy about me bringing the camera with me to the classroom, however when all of the other mothers were there taking pictures she softened up a bit and let me take a few pictures without complaining too much. I had to be quick though because she wouldn't allow any retakes. Kamrin is having a bit of a hard time though, Kelsie has only been gone for about an hour and she is already saying that she misses "Kels." I think that it will be good for me and Kamrin to have a little bit of time alone together. I am having a bit of a hard time myself. It is much too quiet around here. However, I shouldn't complain because as soon as this baby comes things are sure to change around here!!

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