Saturday, September 15, 2007


This week was Homecoming week at the high school and boy has it been crazy around here. In fact it has been soooo crazy that I almost forgot that I am way pregnant!! I am a little relieved that I didn't have the baby in the middle of all of this like I thought that I might. It would have been so hard for me not to be there to watch the girls dance at the parade and assembly and be there for all of the activities that we had to participate in this week. We sure had fun. The week ended on a good note last night when Filer won the Homecoming game!

Filer has never gone 4-0 in school history, so we are very excited. We have really enjoyed the games so far. We don't have another home game for two weeks, so I should be able to attend the next one and not be pregnant. That should make sitting through the game much easier.
Being a part of this week made me think back to Homecoming week at good 'ol BHS. I remember how much fun it was. The assemblies, skits, and figuring out what to wear for each of the dress up days. I actually get a little nervous for the girls as they get ready to perform on that big field with the lights blaring and the cool air all around. I really do love this time of the year. In fact it is probably my favorite time of the year.

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