Saturday, February 4, 2012

{Happy Birthday to Kelsie!!!}

Kelsie turned ten earlier this week....

Since Dad was sick at home we took our party to Gerties to celebrate......We had a great turnout with lots of Kelsie's friends.......

My sister in law helped me whip up the cake of Kelsie's request. I didn't get a picture of the inside but it was black and white zebra striped thanks to the pinterest tutorial! We had a great evening together!! Here's 10 things about Kelsie:

1. She is so much help around the house and especially loves dishes and laundry!

2. She is a hard worker.....

3. She is a good student.

4. She is kind to others and reaches out to those at school that don't have very many friends.

5. She is silly!

6. She loves to read and loves helping out in the school library.

7. She loves clothes and putting outfits/shoes/accesories together.

8. She loves cheerleading and tumbling.

9. She loves pink and zebra anything!!

10. She is full of energy!!

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