Sunday, January 15, 2012

{The Perfect Christmas}

I spent some time on Pinterest finding tutorials on taking the perfect Christmas tree picture....this is the best that I could do this year. After spending all that time thinking that I had to have the perfect picture, I thought a little deeper about Christmas. So often, we worry about having the perfect gift, the perfect tree picture, the perfect Christmas Cards, and a perfectly decorated home, and the perfect holiday shedule filled with parties and other events. I fall victim to this stereotype myself.
This year none of those things were fact most of them never happened. We were lucky that we got a tree up, I only sent half of the Christmas cards, we made absolutely no Christmas candy or cookies, and didn't attend one Christmas party. However, this year Christmas was perfect. Our family was the recipient of so many random acts of service. Our children experienced anticipation and excitement many nights waiting for a "Secret Santa" to arrive and leave a treat or gift. They learned the true meaning of Christmas through numerous stories and videos that were shared with them. They learned how prayers can be answered as they prayed that their daddy would be released from the hospital in time to celebrate Christmas at home with them. We all learned how precious life is and how important it is to share our time here with those that we love the most. We all had a great time doing absolutely nothing besides spending time with each other.
So, this year I am glad that what seemed to be an iimperfect Christmas turned into the {Perfect Christmas}.

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