Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!!}

We got our little fake Christmas tree that we have had since we were first married out and decided to decorate it. I hate fake trees, but my husband refuses to let us get a real one because of all of the work that it takes to get and care for. I'm really struggling with that this year because it looks so FAKE! But, the kids were anxious so we got out the tree and put it up anyway.

This year Kyler has decided that the tree is a great big toy and plays all around it. He has now taken off several of the bulbs within his reach and placed them in a neat pile at the bottom. The dog also thinks that the shiny bulbs are pretty cool and has taken a few off and broken them in his mouth. I suppose he likes the strange popping noise they make as they burst in his mouth. However, it has made more clean up for me!

Our Finished Product (before being re-arranged by Kyler of course)

( I think that I have decided to get a real tree....we may be headed for the hills on Saturday!!)


Sarah and Terry said...

Where do you get your cute banners?? I searched forever and couldn't find any! Tell your cute kiddos hi!

Karisa said...

Funny how Christmas trees bring out the stubborn-ness in most people. We have our Charlie Brown tree that I love and my husband thinks it's embarassing. Have a great December.