Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So, since I am down and out for awhile, we didn't do much. However, some friends did invite us over for dinner and some fireworks. I figured that I hadn't been out in quite awhile and that since they lived only a mile away I could go and just sit the entire time. Josh was game and we enjoyed some good company, food, and some fireworks. The funnest part was when Kyler decided after the first few fireworks that he was afraid of them. He hid his head under the blanket and would shake and say I'm scared after each one went off. I'm not sure if he was really scared or if he was just being silly because we caught him laughing a few times also.

Before, as he was enjoying the show.....

and this is how he spent the rest of the time........

My good camera is being repaired and so these pictures just didn't turn out well, but they were all we had from the night, so they'll have to do.

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