Tuesday, March 30, 2010

{Portland Nationals}

When Kyler acts like this.......
You know that something is wrong. The week before Spring Break Kyler started to get super sick. He wasn't acting normal and his breathing had become very labored. He just wasn't himself. After a trip to the doctor, my fears were confirmed....It was Pneumonia. The doc on call gave him some anti biotics and sent him on his way. Well the next morning he was much, much worse. I tried to get ahold of his regular doctor, who is so awesome and it took until about 5 pm that evening. He told us to drive right in and told us that anti biotics wouldn't help this kind of pneumonia and that he had now become so sick that he had to be admitted to the hospital. After a stay in the hospital and some good fluids and breathing treatment, he was good to go again. After the initial trauma of IV's and people bothering him, we were able to take this picture of him on my phone. This poor kid isn't a stanger to the hospital! We're glad that he's now back to his normal spunky self!

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