Friday, January 29, 2010

{Kelsie is 8!}

I cannot believe that Kelsie is eight! It seems like just yesterday Josh and I were bringing here home from the hospital and now look at her......

So, in honor of her 8th birthday, here's eight facts about Kelsie:

* She is selfless in her service to others. I can't remember all of the times that I have been told by her teachers, coaches, and others around her how she often goes out of her way to help others or be kind to someone who needs a friend. Her teacher recently commented on how when she is finished on her Math she always finds someone to help so that they can also finish.

*She is full of energy and goes non-stop!

*She is very motherly and helps take care of her brothers and sisters.

*She loves music and always has a tune to share, weather it's one from the radio or one she made up herself. She also has quite the voice when she sings in church. She isn't afraid to be heard.

*She loves to read and always has a book in hand.

*Her favorite snacks are hostess fruit pies, especially the cherry ones!

*She can be glitz and glam and then want to wear camo and go hunting with her daddy.

*She really enjoys making things for others, writing letters and notes, and even odds and ends to the neighbors (too long of a story to share now!).

Most of all we want you to know how much that we love you Kels!!!

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Walters' Place said...

Happy Birthday from us. We miss you. We hope that you had a good birthday. You are a special girl whom we love.Congrats on getting baptized next week too.