Sunday, June 28, 2009

{Our Family Trip}

Josh's sister got married this weekend and we took all of the kids to Lagoon the next day. We all had a lot of fun witht the kids and they didn't want to leave. Kyler and I went to all of the kiddie rides while Kelsie went with her older cousins and rode all of the big rides that even her mother was afraid of. She did convince me to ride with her on Wicked. This roller coaster shoots you up this tower and then back down in just a couple of seconds. It was quite the ride, to say the least! I think that Kesie rode just about every ride that she could.

Kyler's aunt Heidi spoiled him with a sucker because he couldn't ride as many rides as everyone else. He made quite a mess...

I was the designated photographer on this ride, because Kyler couldn't ride and I wore a white tshirt that I really didn't want to get it wet.....

While Kelsie was with her older cousins Josh and I took Kam and Kyler to the fountains to cool off. Kamrin really had a lot of fun and was totally soaked when she was done!

We took the younger kids on the train around th park to see the animals. Kyler waved at all the people that we passed the whole time. He really liked the train and the animals.


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Donnelly said...

Lagoon looks like fun!