Friday, May 15, 2009

{My new vacuum!!!}

For those of you that don't know me I have a slight obsession with vacuuming and do it a lot! I love to see the lines in the carpet from a freshly vacuumed floor. Well, we used to have an awesome vacuum. An oreck. It had a bag and looked really old fashioned, but it did an awesome job. So good that my mother in law and others purchased one for themselves becuase of the outstanding job that it did. When living in a rental before while we were building this house the vacuum bag got burned very badly because the house had these weird exposed heaters on the wall and it was to close one day. Lucky the vacuum was all that was harmed. At the time the only place to get reapir parts and fix it was in Boise. So we kept the vacuum and ended up having to buy another until we could get that one fixed. I decided to move into the next century and by a Dyson. They were supposed to be so good! Big mistake......this is the worst vacuum for the price that it costs. I could have replaced my Oreck for what I paid. Sure the dyson worked great at first, but it definatly looses suction and it barely works. So, it's time for a new vacuum and I saw the Oreck prices online and they are about $400 so I decided to check ebay. To make this really long, boring story short I got a this brand new Oreck vacuum for $50 and $30 for came yesterday and it's everything it should be! I am definatly checking ebay before I buy anything again.


Love Notes said...

I will have to check one out some time mine is getting about ready to be replaced. I love the announcements so cute! I wish you and I could make a business and always stay home and enjoy playing too!

Bateman said...

congrats on the new vacuum! That is good to know about Dyson vacuums, I always thought they would be awesome. Heather you are a good mom to your kids and a good wife to Josh and a good friend to me. I want to be like you when I grow up