Friday, October 17, 2008

{1st grade picture}

Isn't she sooo cute?? I can't believe how big she is getting....she is becoming a girl!! I am so glad that the photographer lets you buy a CD with your pictures now. It is so much easier to post to the internet and do digital scrapbooking with. Technology can be nice...sometimes.


Mom2My6Kids said...

Very Beautiful!

**nicke said...

she is so cute!!!

brookeus said...

Hello to you too! How did you find me? I'm glad you did. You have some cute kids too. How fun for you being a dance coach. Ive wanted to but am too chicken and didn't want to deal with all the school politics. Did you know that Julie Silcock (Pope) is coaching the Stepps now? Well add mem to you blog list and I'll you to mine. Cute blog by the way!! I need to figure out how to do the cute banners or titles at the top of the page.