Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our Sunday Drive

We loaded into the truck this afternoon and went for a little Sunday drive. We went to a place that Josh goes 4 wheeling because he wanted to show us some elk that he had seen there wintering. So we decided to take my new camera and try to take a few pictures and learn how to use the thing. As, we got closer to the spot the sky got darker and it started snowing....

But, as we kept driving the sun started to shine again and we got a few pictures. I am going to have to save up and buy the lens with better zoom, but for now the quality of the pictures with this camera is much better than my old one.

Finally, right before we headed home we saw a few elk on the side of the road. I was able to get this picture. The sad thing is they were closer, but I was so excited to take a picture of them that I forgot to use what little zoom that I did have. Oh, well it was fun to see and we had a great time together. The girls love looking for things through the binoculars and spotting scope, they are daddy's girls for sure!


Walker Family said...

Glad to see you practicing! They turned out great!

Mom2My6Kids said...

Those pictures are very good! The weather is crazy around here lately. Where is the warm Spring days?